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Standard KVM VPS

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Fully virtualized SSD compute instances at a great balance of price and performance.

Memory CPU SSD Bandwidth Price
512MB 1 Core 10GB 1000GB $3/mo ($0.0045/hr)
1GB 2 Cores 25GB 2000GB $5/mo ($0.0075/hr)
2GB 2 Cores 50GB 3000GB $10/mo ($0.015/hr)
3GB 2 Cores 60GB 3500GB $15/mo ($0.0225/hr)
4GB 4 Cores 80GB 4000GB $20/mo ($0.03/hr)
8GB 4 Cores 160GB 5000GB $40/mo ($0.06/hr)

Premium KVM VPS

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High speed NVMe compute instances with faster CPUs.

Memory CPU NVMe Bandwidth Price
2GB 1 Core 50GB 3000GB $12/mo ($0.018/hr)
4GB 2 Cores 100GB 4000GB $24/mo ($0.036/hr)
6GB 3 Cores 150GB 4500GB $36/mo ($0.054/hr)
8GB 4 Cores 200GB 5000GB $48/mo ($0.072/hr)
16GB 4 Cores 400GB 6000GB $96/mo ($0.144/hr)

Massive KVM VPS

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Tons of RAID5 disk space and bandwidth. Perfect for data storage and backups.

Memory CPU HDD Bandwidth Price
512MB 1 Core 160GB 2000GB $3/mo ($0.0045/hr)
1GB 2 Cores 325GB 5000GB $5/mo ($0.0075/hr)
2GB 2 Cores 650GB 7500GB $10/mo ($0.015/hr)
3GB 2 Cores 1000GB 10000GB $15/mo ($0.0225/hr)
4GB 2 Cores 1350GB 10000GB $20/mo ($0.03/hr)
8GB 4 Cores 2650GB 10000GB $40/mo ($0.06/hr)
12GB 4 Cores 4000GB 15000GB $60/mo ($0.09/hr)

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers)

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Virtual server simplicity with dedicated Intel E3 CPU cores.

Memory CPU SSD Bandwidth Price
8GB 2 Dedicated Cores 200GB 10000GB $40/mo ($0.06/hr)
16GB 4 Dedicated Cores 400GB 20000GB $80/mo ($0.12/hr)
32GB 8 Dedicated Cores 800GB 40000GB $160/mo ($0.24/hr)


A new cloud container option is in the works, but you can order an OpenVZ VPS immediately on our legacy SolusVM system below. SolusVM will be maintained alongside OpenStack indefinitely.

Plan Memory CPU SSD Bandwidth Price Order
1GB SVZS 1024MB 1 Core 40GB 1000GB $3.50/mo NYC ATL SEA LA NL
2GB SVZS 2048MB 2 Cores 60GB 2000GB $7/mo NYC ATL SEA LA NL
4GB SVZS 4096MB 2 Cores 80GB 3000GB $14/mo NYC ATL SEA LA NL
6GB SVZS 6144MB 2 Cores 100GB 3500GB $21/mo NYC ATL SEA LA NL
8GB SVZS 8192MB 2 Cores 120GB 4000GB $28/mo NYC ATL SEA LA NL
16GB SVZS 16384MB 2 Cores 200GB 5000GB $56/mo NYC ATL SEA LA NL


Additional billable items and services available for our VPS hosting.

Item Billing Price
Image Storage (Snapshots, ISOs, etc.) Hourly $0.05/GB/mo
Additional Bandwidth Hourly $0.004/GB
DDoS-Filtered IP (Cloud) Recurring (1+ mo cycle) $3/mo Order
DirectAdmin VPS License Recurring (1+ mo cycle) $3/mo Order
CloudLinux License Recurring (1+ mo cycle) $12/mo Order
cPanel Cloud License Tiered by # of accounts $14+/mo Order

cPanel Shared Hosting

DDoS-protected web hosting without the hassle of managing your own server. We will migrate you from your existing cPanel host at no extra charge. Now with full CloudFlare RailGun support - our time to first byte is unbeatable!

Type Domain Databases E-Mail SSL Storage Bandwidth Price Order
Shared Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 15 GB Unlimited $4/mo US EU
Reseller Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 100 GB Unlimited $8+/mo US EU

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Founded in 2012, RamNode has always existed for one purpose: to provide affordable servers with powerful features. Our years of hosting experience on both the client and provider side have inspired us to offer the kind of hosting that customers want at the kind of prices customers want to pay. Despite our affordability, performance is our main focus. We know that YOU, our customers, are our best asset, so we always strive to provide hosting that meets and exceeds your high expectations.

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Instant deployment on lightning-fast hardware with Tier-1 networking. The performance you expect from RamNode with cloud flexibility!


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Deploy any OS you want! Choose from several cloud-init compatible Linux images or upload your own image/ISO at any time!


We have you covered! Choose from data centers in Atlanta, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, and The Netherlands. Test IPs available here.


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